1948 Anglia Body & Chassis Packages

Body Package Includes

-The front fenders, grill area, firewall, rear fenders, and running boards are molded in one piece with the body.
-The floor pan is integrated during manufaacturing as one piece with the body.
-Inner and outer trunk are molded togetherr, hinged, and installed in place. Trunk lid opens to the side.
-Power window units are installed in doorss with tinted glass.
-1' sq. steel tubing and poplar wood are wwelded and molded into place for strength, body mounting, and interior installation.
-All other tinted glass is included.
-Firewall is set back for easy engine insttallation.
-Rear fenders are extended 4' in width.
-Front fenders have been widened 1 1/2' onn each side.
-Floor pan tubbed out to accept 10" wheelss, with 12" tires.
-Fitted dashboard.
-Fitted hush panel.
-Garnish moldings.

Chassis Package Includes

-Constructed of 2x3 rectangular tubing.
-Cross member with drive shaft hoop.
-Cross member with transmission mount.(Remmovable)
-Motor mounts.
-Shortened 9" ford housing and axles.
-4 bar system with stainless steel adjusteers.
-Carrera, or Affco coil overs.
-Narrowed Mustang rack by Flaming River.
-Front disk brakes by ECI.
-Tubular upper and lower A-arms.
-All chassis components assembled.

TOTAL COST.... $16,500.00


-50% down to start
-50% on completion. Must be cash, or certiified check.
-Crating and shipping extra.


-Hood is installed with Tri-C hinge kit.
-Chrome steering column by Ididit.
-U-Joints and shaft by Flaming River.
-Lecarra steering wheel, and adaptor.
- 1 Piece tilt front end